Signings / Lectures

Date:  3/19/2012 – 7:00PM

Event: Raymond Wiley & KT Prime – The Georgia Guidestones

Venue: Georgia Center For The Book

Address:  Within the Dekalb County Public Library – 215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030

Description:  What are the mysterious Georgia Guidestones? And what are the secrets they hold? We invite you to a special program with Raymond Wiley, an historian, broadcaster and producer based in Athens who is arguably the foremost expert on those Guidestones. He is the author of a new book,  The Georgia Guidestones, written with KT Prime, that carefully examines these remarkable standing stones near Elberton. Built in 1980, they are six slabs of granite with unique engravings, each side containing text in one of eight modern languages asserting the same ten guidelines. there are many theories about what the slabs may mean; some argue they are Rosicrucian in origin, others suggest they are part of a shadowy group seeking a new world order. Wiley has discussed the Guidestones on The History Channel and serves as an expert in a documentary currently in production about the granite blocks.

Admission:  Free!


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