I began researching and reporting on the Georgia Guidestones as a university student in December of 2005. I never imagined that my half hour college radio program on the topic would eventually grow into a book.  This archive of my previous print, radio, and podcast interviews about the Guidestones serves as an interesting record of how my research on the monument has grown over the years.  Don’t worry about spoiling the book, there is a mountain of discoveries in it that I don’t talk about on the air.  -Raymond Wiley, Co-author, The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument.


2/28/2012 – Acceler8orGuidestones: Raymond Wiley Meditates Megalithic

Raymond Wiley, long time occult podcaster and editor at The Disinformation Company, talks about the Georgia Guidestones — about which he has just written a book with KT Prime.

1/24/2012 – Occult Science Radio – Occult Origins of the Georgia Guidestones? (with Raymond Wiley)

In this episode we are joined by guest Raymond Wiley.  Raymond discusses the possible occult origins of the Georgia Guidestones, and other theories which swirl around this mysterious monument.

1/7/2012 – Project Archivist – Episode 31: Guidestones and Masons and Satanists! Oh My!

In this show Mr Raymond Wiley joins us to talk about his further investigations into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. As with most Archivist interviews, we try to dig a bit deeper. We talk about the monuments creator, the allusive and secretive R.C. Christian, the book he left behind, What he intended the monument to be and the legends and fears these stones have spawned. We also take a look at what has become of the guidestones since they where unveiled.

12/28/2011 – A View From Marrs – The Georgia Guidestones with Raymond Wiley

Notable conspiracy writer Jim Marrs interviews Raymond Wiley about the Georgia Guidestones.

9/26/2010 – The Black FridaysEpisode 35:  Raymond Wiley and The Georgia Guidestones (mp3)

The Black Fridays welcomes back Raymond Wiley from We’ve been waiting eagerly to get Raymond back on the show to discuss The Georgia Guidestones. We talk with Raymond about where the Guidestones came from, their possible significance, and what in the world are they doing in a small rural town in the southern part of the United States.

4/6/2010 – Panopticon – Episode 3: The Georgia Guidestones with Raymond Wiley (mp3)

On this episode Panopticon speaks with our esteemed guest Raymond Wiley of Disinformation about the Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious granite monument in northeastern GA. Some think the Georgia Guidestones are a sort of ten commandments of the New World Order, and some think they’re a means of navigating a post apocalyptic world.

11/28/2009 – Spooky SouthcoastAn Interview with Raymond Wiley (mp3)

In this episode of WBSM’s Spooky Southcoast we’re joined by Raymond Wiley of The Disinformation Company to talk conspiracy theories and the Georgia Guidestones.

8/31/2009 – Eerie RadioGeorgia Guidestones and the New World Order (mp3)

In this episode we speak with Raymond Wiley about the Georgia Guidestones and their relation to New World Order conspiracy theories..

12/9/2005 - Out There RadioEpisode 8: Ten Commandments of the New World Order (mp3)

Author’s Note: This is my original audio report on the Georgia Guidestones.

In this episode, learn about the mysterious granite monument known as the Georgia Guidestones. Between the puzzling inscription and all the astronomical alignments, it’s no wonder this site has been called “America’s Stonehenge,” as well as “The Ten Commandments of The New World Order.” We’ll discuss different theories about who was behind the building of this infamous site. Christian Conspiracy Nuts, Neopagans, Rosicrucians, and (of course)Freemasons all make an appearance on this week’s episode of Out There Radio.