Secret Societies?

Temple of The Rosy Cross (1618) Source: wikimedia commons.

Was R.C. Christian a Rosicrucian?  Many researchers believe that the pseudonym R.C. Christian was chosen as a variation on Christian Rosenkreuz, the mythical founder of the Rosicrucian Order.  With his references to an “Age of Reason,” religious tolerance, and a Utopian society of the future, the mysterious builder has much in common with this secretive occult order.

Is Mr. Christian’s vision of the future an extension of the historical aims of the Rosicrucians and other Enlightenment thinkers of the 17th century, or is there a darker and more Orwellian intent behind the construction of the Georgia Guidestones?  Find out more  in The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument, coming Spring 2011.

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