Who was R.C. Christian?

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon in 1979 when he first appeared at the Elberton Granite Finishing Company.  The well-dressed stranger told the owner that he wanted to build a granite monument of a scale and complexity that was unheard of even in a major hub of the granite industry.  The owner dismissed the stranger as a practical joker and sent him to a local banker, Wyatt Martin, to see if the man could actually fund such a massive project.  To the shock and surprise of the locals, Mr. Christian made good on his intention to build the monument, and the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled to the world on the spring equinox of 1980.

“Christian told Martin that he represented a group of  individuals who had planned this project for more than 20 years, and that each one of the group was a loyal American who believed in God and country. He said the group of sponsors wished to remain anonymous and went on to say that his real name was not Robert C. Christian as he had introduced himself, but this was simply a name chosen because of his Christian faith.”

“The group feels by having our identity remain secret, it will not distract from the monument and its meaning,” said Christian. ‘The message. to be inscribed on the stones, is to all mankind and is non-sectarian, nor nationalistic, nor in any sense political. The stones must speak for themselves to all who take note and should appeal to believers and non-believers, wherever, and at all times,” he continued.”

The true identity of Mr. Christian and his anonymous group is still shrouded in mystery.  Only the looming face of the stones, local legends, and a curious book written by the monument’s creator seem to shed much light on the subject.

Many believe that R.C. Christian was merely spinning a cover story, and that his name links the small “group of loyal Americans” to a secret society known as the Order of the Rosy Cross.  Find out more  in The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument, coming Summer 2011.

Secret Societies?

Population Control?

New World Order?

Atomic Megalith?